Marias Galleri

Ordering a pet portrait

Here is some brief information in english on how to order a portrait of your pet.

Temaporträtt: korthårig vorsteh med en scen från ripjakten

Theme portrait in watercolor

I make portraits in both watercolor, pencildrawing, dry pastel and pro marker ink. To make a portrait I need sharp photos of your pet taken in good light conditions. The best way is to take pictures outdoors without using flash, not in direct sunlight, that causes hard shadows.

I make both single portraits, with two or more animals (max 4) in the same picture or so called theme portaits. A theme portrait is a standing portrait of the animal with ha scene below, showing for example a hunting dog with a hunting scene below.

To order your own portrait, e-mail me some good pictures of your pet and tell me how you like it, and in which medium. For portraits with more then one pet I use Photoshop to compose the picture, so you don´t need to have all your pets in the same photo. You are welcome to suggest which photo you wold like me to use as reference, but I expect you to give me the

Breton, blyertsteckning


artistic privilege to choose the best pictures for the portrait. I can create an impression of the character from severel photos.

You can follow my work on my facebook page and leave feedback during the whole process. Tell me if the portrait is a birthday present etc – then I wont post it on facebook, I don´t want to ruin the surprise! 🙂

When I´m finished I will e-mail you a scanned picture of the portrait for you to approve before I mount it. If you are pleased with it I will send you acconunt information for payment. Then I will mount the portrait in an acid free board (frame mot included). When the payment is registered I will ship the portrait to you.

Engelsk setter, torrpastell

Dry pastel drawing

Here´s my pricelist for 2016. The currency is Swedish kronor. Shipping costs will apply depending on which country you live in.

If you have further questions, don´t hesitate to send my an e-mail!


You can find more of my pet portraits on my facebook page or on my swedish page.


Chihuahua, tuschteckning

Pro marker drawing